Too late to evacuate from Ukraine?

Ukrainian woman holding a child in a refugee camp

As the war goes on evacuations become more and more difficult. Many cities are almost impossible to evacuate from. Is it too late to evacuate from Ukraine? Do you have employees or loved ones in Ukraine?

It takes special effort and trained professionals to accomplish a successful evacuation. The path to a safe country can change on a daily basis.

If you still have employees or loved ones in Ukraine and need escorted to a safe country by trained professionals then contact us now.

You can reach us at the following phone numbers:

USA 314-833-0133

Kyiv +380-44-247-7855

Skype: ed.mcneil62

We are an American For Profit organization with offices in Kyiv. Our staff are all Military Veterans willing to go into difficult environments to protect people and property. And do not forget to contribute by clicking on the Support the Mission link.